Reflective practice in teaching

Consistent with the blend of magic, art, craft and science mentioned above, this article offers a dozen strategies for teachers to consider as they plan their personal journeys of discovery and growth. Self-reporting allows teachers to make a regular assessment of what they are doing in the classroom.

To help the participant come into touch and keep in touch with the self-development process that is taking place for them 3. Many things happen simultaneously in a classroom, and some aspects of a lesson cannot be recalled.

It did as I began, but then as I kept teaching I felt like I was lost.

The Importance of Reflection

Stumbling toward Competence Little is written about teachers managing skill repertoires, yet it is this juggling and management that can create the best learning opportunities.

I do not deny the value of being able to measure where it makes sense. What was the last time you observed a friend? A number of different approaches can be used. And how many times have you stopped to reflect upon your teaching practice?

The first step is to gather information about what happens in the class.

Strong start, Great teachers

How are the students responding? Later, after a survey, the conversation might continue: A "wrong" answer could happen because the student is merely guessing. Do you think that would work?

Engaging in reflective practice

Experience helps to inform their choice of strategies, but novelty stands in the way of any teacher being able to coast along banking on previous experience.

I cannot imagine teaching without reflection. Powell and their potential is increasingly being recognized in teacher education.

Reflective teaching: Exploring our own classroom practice

In reflecting on the above kind of questions, we begin to exercise control and open up the possibility of transforming our everyday classroom life. The search for science, recipes and teacher proof packages cuts against a focus on teachers as inventors, thinkers and professionals who must juggle complexities.

The field of education is loaded with rhetoric and blather, but most teachers have little time, patience or energy to take on new burdens that are ill-defined and impractical.

I noticed that the students were very inattentive while I delivered the lesson. As I learned in my teacher training, "because it is in the curriculum" is an insufficient answer, and as a teacher of social studies, this reasoning will not enable me to connect the material with students in a class merely because it is a requirement for graduation.

You may also describe your own reactions and feelings and those you observed on the part of the students. Johns [ edit ] Adaptation of the Johns reflective model Professor of nursing Christopher Johns designed a structured mode of reflection that provides a practitioner with a guide to gain greater understanding of his or her practice.

Learning to teach: becoming a reflective practitioner

You may do things in class you are not aware of or there may be things happening in the class that as the teacher you do not normally see.A teaching portfolio is a representation of your identity as a teacher.

An effective portfolio conveys a coherent message about your beliefs and approaches to teaching and offers specific evidence to. Reflective teaching suggests that experience alone is insufficient for professional growth, but that experience coupled with reflection can be a powerful impetus for teacher development.

You might find, as you progress, that there is an area of knowledge you need to know more about. Registration for the assessment cycle is now open! The deadline to register and purchase components is February 28, Need help? guidelines and examples for completion of log books & reflective statements v 1 cpd reflective practice statements guidelines and examples.

Free Essay: Reflective Practice in the context of teaching ESOL Reflective practice engages practitioners in a continuous cycle of self-observation and.

This is a necessary reflective practice of a teacher who is serving the needs of the students. As "members of learning communities" (Proposition 5) teachers are themselves learners, undergoing professional development and participation in professional organizations.

Reflective practice in teaching
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