Ozone layer

Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. The breakdown of ozone in the stratosphere results in reduced absorption of ultraviolet radiation. The risks are particularly high for young children, the elderly, and those with asthma or other respiratory difficulties.

The concern over the health effects of the decline led to the Montreal Protocolthe ban on the production of many ozone depleting chemicals and in the first and second decade of the 21st Century the beginning of the recovery of stratospheric ozone concentrations.

Australia manages its obligations to this international agreement through the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. CFCa seems to have been accumulating unabated since The global community has taken action to restore the ozone layer.

The Ozone Layer and Climate Change

As warm, ozone and NO 2-rich air flows in from lower latitudes, the PSCs are destroyed, the enhanced ozone depletion process shuts down, and the ozone hole closes.

A critical DuPont manufacturing patent for Freon was set to expire in InAntoine Lavoisier proved that oxygen was a chemical element, and it took its place as number eight on the periodic table. During winter, even though PSCs are at their most abundant, there is no light over the pole to drive chemical reactions.

Blue line shows DNA sensitivity. Decreases in the ozone level of up to 10 percent have been reported in New Zealand in the month following the breakup of the Antarctic ozone hole, [37] with ultraviolet-B radiation intensities increasing by more than 15 percent since the s.

However they resonated better with non-scientists and their concerns. They contain fluorine atoms, carbon atoms and chlorine atoms. The first Chlorofluorocarbon was CFC, a single carbon with two chlorines and two Fluorines attached to it. Dobsonwho developed a simple spectrophotometerthe Dobsonmeter.

Ozone depletion

They are projected to reach pre levels before The ozone does not disappear through the layer, nor is there a uniform "thinning" of the ozone layer.Access information on EPA's efforts to address ozone layer depletion through regulations, collaborations with stakeholders, international treaties, partnerships with the private sector, and enforcement actions under Title VI of the Clean Air Act.


NASA: Hole in Earth's Ozone Layer Finally Closing Up Because Humans Did Something About It

Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) is an organic compound that contains carbon, chlorine, and fluorine, produced as a volatile derivative of methane and ethane. The Ozone Layer This is simply a layer in the stratosphere containing a relatively high concentration of ozone.

Addressing Ozone Layer Depletion

The earth's atmosphere is divided into several layers, and each layer plays an important role. Ozone layer definition, the layer of the upper atmosphere where most atmospheric ozone is concentrated, from about 8 to 30 miles (12 to 48 km) above the earth, with the maximum ozone concentration occurring at an altitude of about 12 miles (19 km).

Addressing Ozone Layer Depletion

See more. Nov 16,  · The rescue of the planet’s protective ozone layer has been hailed as one of the great success stories of modern environmental regulation — but on Monday, an international team of. The stratospheric ozone layer is Earth’s “sunscreen” – protecting living things from too much ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

The emission of ozone depleting substances has been damaging the ozone layer.

Ozone layer
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